becoming a plumber
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Becoming a plumber can be a great career choice for those who are thinking about learning a trade where they can work with their hands. It is a great line of work. And, with the job outlook for plumbers expected to increase by 21% by 2022 (much faster than the national average) you could not pick a better time to be a plumber. There is one drawback though. As a plumber you will be dealing in a high risk industry, like any other construction job, and could be exposed to potential litigation and injury.

Trying to avoid lawsuits and injury would drive even the sanest person mad but you there is a way to protect yourself from those negatives in an otherwise overwhelmingly positive industry. Plumbers insurance will give your young business the protection it deserves and the security that will allow you to sleep a little better at night. And since insurance can be a bit complicated at times we have broken down what plumbers insurance should cover, who should have it and any additional policies you should consider as a plumber.

What is plumbers insurance and who should have it?

Plumbers insurance covers exactly who you would assume it would cover. Everyone from plumbing contractors to pipe fitters to re-modelers and developers should carry plumbers insurance. The policy is designed to protect you against a wide variety of risks, damages and accidents that you would otherwise have to pay for out of pocket.

While plumbing insurance will cover quite a bit of the risk associated with the job it will not cover all of it. To do that you are going to have to choose from a few different types of insurance policies (which we have broken down below).

Commercial auto insurance – if you have a plumbing van or some other vehicle that you drive around to get from client to client you may want to think about procuring a commercial auto insurance policy. It will protect you from auto liability and collisions and will cover repairs as well. Keeping your major mode of transportation safe from damages that could put you out of commission for a while.

General liability insurance – This policy covers everything from property damage to workplace injuries. It is the do-all package (which can save you a lot of headaches) and we can tailor it to fit any of your plumbing needs because we understand that every contractor is unique and your insurance policy should meet your unique needs.

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