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Work-site safety is always a concern of both the workers and owners of a company.  On Wednesday we spoke briefly about proper nail gun safety for contractors.  Today we will go more in depth and explain each safety precaution and its implication on insurance rates.

How to Avoid Nail Gun Injuries

1. Use full sequential trigger nail guns.  This is the safest trigger mechanism for any job because it requires you to press certain buttons in order before being able to discharge a nail. It reduces unintentional nail discharge and double fire.  It also minimizes injuries from bumping into coworkers.

2. Provide training to all your employees and coworkers. Education on this topic should cover the different types of nail guns, various types of triggers, instructions on proper operation and maintenance.  Each person handling a nail gun should know how to load it, operate the air compressor, fire the nail gun, hold lumber during placement work, recognize ricochet-prone surfaces, and understand proper handling of the gun in awkward positions.

3. Establish nail gun work procedures.  These procedures should include having tool manuals on the job, making sure the tool labels are not faded or torn, and checking of power sources before operation.  In addition to this simple preventative measures, never disable or bypass nail gun safety features or tamper with safety-contact tips.  You should also encourage workers to keep their fingers off the trigger when holding the gun.

4. Another way to avoid nail gun injuries on the job is to provide personal protective equipment also known as PPE.  These materials include but are not limited to hard hats, eye wear, and earplugs.  These materials will help you protect yourself from any accidents.

5. Encourage reporting and discussion of injuries and close calls.  The truth of the matter is that most injuries go unreported.  These close calls might be a good sign of tools which are in poor shape, or malfunctioning.  By neglecting to inform a supervisor, your employees put the rest of the team at risk.

6. Finally, another great way to avoid nail gun injuries is by providing first aid and medical treatment on all job sites. This is a no brainer! After nail injuries occur medical attention must be sought.  1 in 4 injuries can involve some type of structural damage so it is imperative that injuries be treated.  A large concern should be materials such as nail strip glue or plastic which get embedded in the injury and lead to infection.

Each of these safety measures will help prevent nail gun injuries. But having workers compensation insurance and general liability insurance will help protect your company and employees even more. A safer work environment not only makes workers happy and increases productivity, it also lowers your businesses risk factors, ensuring they will get the best possible insurance rate available.

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