construction hazards
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To be a successful general contractor, your business needs to be cost effective.  While growth during a recession might be difficult to obtain, one thing you can do to make more profit is to minimize expenses and increase efficiency.  A part of this, is avoiding construction hazards, as they leave you exposed and open to insurance claims.

Tips to Avoid Construction Hazards

  1. Get a written contract for all the work you do.
  2. Get an attorney to look over any and all legal documents.
  3. When hiring subcontractors, get written contracts protecting you from anything that would leave you liable for their mistakes.
  4. If you’re working as a subcontractor limit the number of agreements you make to defend them against liability for any work you perform.
  5. Only work with licensed professional architects and engineers
  6. Make sure you are covered with the proper insurance policies, such as commercial contractors insurance.

We know how hard it is to have a successful organization in struggling economic times, but by focusing inward and eliminating internal mistakes and errors, you can save money and operate more efficiently.  If you are still worried, then be sure to contact your insurance professional today and invest in an insurance policy for construction hazards.

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