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Between 2005 and 2013, five California men made off with $36 million by defrauding worker’s comp insurers and over billing for a physical therapy machine at Aspen Medical Resources. Unfortunately (for them), they did not make it to 2014, and will be arraigned on March 14, according to the Orange County DA’s office.

The Accused!

Jeffrey Edward Campau, Abraham Khorshad, Landen Alan Mirallegro, and Ryan Nathanil McCracken have been charged with an array of felonies among other charges. Campau, Khoshad, and Mirallegro all stand accused of multiple counts of conspiracy and submitting fraudulent claims, which could result in each man spending up to 53 years in prison. McCracken has been charged with one felony count of conspiracy, which could result in a prison term of up to five years if convicted.

The Crimes!

The company the four men formed Aspen Medical Resources LLC, and rented out a machine that provided hot and cold therapy to treat pain and inflammation for patients. Though the machine is valued at less than $500, the four men managed to charge almost $17,500 for worker’s comp insurers to rent the machine. That’s 35 times more than the machine is worth. Apply that over an eight year period, and it’s no mystery how Aspen Medical Resources managed to steal more than $36 million from worker’s comp insurers.

They sought to boost their revenue further by using other company names in order to collect on their billings. Through this process, they managed to collect $12 million more. Their daring seemed to know no bounds, either. Rather than lay low when insurers denied payment, Mr. McCracken would file a liens with the California Worker’s Compensation Appeals Board, and eventually reach an agreement between the insurer and Aspen Medical Resources.


Campau, Khoshad, and Mirallegro will likely be behind bars for quite some time once they are tried for their crimes. However, people will continue to attempt to make their fortunes by making fraudulent worker’s comp claims. If something does not seem right, report it and save your business and others from those looking to exploit the system.

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