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Design build is quickly becoming a construction method of choice for contractors. It is popular today, because it is often easier, more efficient, faster and less expensive than any other process available.

What is Design Build?

According to the Design-Build Institute of America, it “is a method of project delivery in which one entity — the design build team — works under a single contract with the project owner to provide design and construction services. One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion — thereby re-integrating the roles of designer and constructor.”

design build

Why it is a Popular Construction Alternative

1)      Streamlined Project Delivery

In this type of project, the design-builder is contracted to perform a greater portion of the construction project. Since the roles of designer and constructor are integrated, the project benefits from one unified work flow from conception to completion. This can be more advantageous than traditional methods where a contractor must coordinate the project delivery of two separate teams.

2)      Faster and more Efficient

An integration of the design and build phases of a project can be a huge time saver. It gives contractors the opportunity to speed up production, because they have control over the entire process. These types of projects often face fewer delays by having a single line of communication.

By eliminating interaction with middlemen, builders can focus on increasing efficiency. For example, there are often few change orders necessary with a single point of contact.

design build

3)      Cost-Effective

A design build project can be more cost-effective, because its operations are streamlined. By bringing all services under one roof, contractors can save on management costs. There are also other benefits, like reduced workloads and increased team flexibility. Since management has greater control of the job from start to finish, they are in a better position to reduce redundancies, which can cut costs.

4)      Higher Quality

Improved quality is another important benefit. In design-bid-build project delivery, there can be conflicts between the approach of the contractor and the architect, which hurt the finished product. Design builders are able to focus solely on quality, because there is no finger-pointing between the architect, engineer and contractor.

design build

5)      Teamwork

When everyone is on the same team, there is an opportunity for more collaboration.

Rather than struggling to manage sub-hires, contractors can rely on their own team members to complete all phases of the job. By working together on everything from design to construction, builders are better able to achieve their client’s vision for a project.

While some have yet to try the newer process of design build, many prominent companies, like Anheuser-Bush and Starbucks, have completed projects with this method. These five benefits illustrate why contractors everywhere are joining this growing trend.

design build