Sao Paulo Stadium
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An accident at the stadium being built in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is set to host next year’s World Cup soccer tournament, took the lives of two workers on Wednesday. The outside of the stadium was damaged in the accident as well, which happened when a crane collapsed. Many are now questioning whether or not Brazil will be able to make up for lost time in their preparations for the Sao Paulo stadium.

Accident at Sao Paulo Stadium

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has set a deadline in December by which they expect the stadium to be built, and Brazilian construction workers were racing to get the job done. Andrews Sanchez, who was once a president of the Corinthians soccer club, and has been on-site to oversee the project. According to Sanchez, the accident happened when a crane that was placing a piece of the roof collapsed, and the piece of the roof came crashing down to the ground. The actual cause of the crane’s collapse is still unknown, but Sanchez said that “the least of our worries” is any construction delay for the Sao Paulo stadium that may be a result of the accident.

There’s a discrepancy regard when construction will resume. Odebrecht SA, the company that is building the Sao Paulo stadium, says that building will resume on Monday. However, the union that represents the workers employed for the project reports that an investigation by the authorities could freeze construction for as many as 30 days. Wednesday’s accident adds to the list of many accidents, delays, budget overruns, and other difficulties that have left the Brazilian people angry with the government. Those who feel there’s been serious mismanagement throughout the project had been protesting in the streets across the nation.

The accident at the Sao Paulo stadium was the first fatality at that stadium, but workers have already died in the construction of two of the other World Cup stadiums in Brasilia and Manaus. There are already concerns circulating that the stadiums in Manaus and Cuiaba may not meet the December deadline, and now there are speculations that delays will affect the Sao Paulo stadium’s completion as well. According to the stadium’s website, Sao Paulo was 94% complete prior to the accident. The most significant delays would have occurred if there was damage to the stadium’s stands structure, which Sanchez says did not happen. Across the board, it seems that no one is certain if there will be any construction delays at this time.