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You’ve finally decided to get into the business of contracting and you want to be the best around huh? Well if you’ve got this this objective in mind then you’re going to need to get some trucks and equipment. Luckily for you, there are many options to choose from. Keep in mind that trucks come in very different shapes and sizes. Gas consumption and towing capacity might be very important to some, while comfort and cabin size might be preferred by others. Don’t get too concerned with the minor details because at the end of the day, your trucks and equipment are there to do work. Their value is only in their ability to provide utility and use for the contracting company.

Full-Sized or Compact Truck?

The First big decision you must make is whether you would prefer a full sized or a compact truck. Understand that you will be spending many hours in your truck commuting and transporting so this decision is key. If you decide to go with a bigger work truck there are three particular models we would recommend.

The Dodge Ram 1500 sports strong powertrain, smooth ride, and a well-trimmed cabin. This is our number one pick. It’s V8 Hemi and 5-ton towing capacity make it the ultimate contractors dream. Its roomier interior coupled with Bluetooth and storage space make it the king of “Big Guys”.

The Ford F-150 is second in our lineup. With 10 trim levels to choose from, three bed styles, and various engine options, it’s easy to see how this beast of a truck can be tailored to any contractor’s needs. Choose between V6 and V8 depending on your need for gas efficiency or brute strength. Additionally Ford’s Sync Technology allow multiple devices to be connected via Bluetooth.

The last pick on our list is the Chevy Silverado. It might struggle a bit behind the competition in terms of design but it still provides a good combination of in cabin storage, towing capacity, and a smooth ride. The benefit of this vehicle over the others is that it’s the only truck that offers the safety and convenience of OnStar, so go ahead and reassure your loved ones.

Once you purchase your work vehicle, and made your investment, you are going to want to protect yourself with the proper insurance. Commercial auto and truck insurance is something you will need if you intend to be in the contractor business long term.

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