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Being a general contractor is a tough job. Being a general contractor during the summer, is downright miserable. With temperatures already reaching well over 90 degrees from California to Rhode Island contractors are bracing themselves for what could be a very, very, very hot summer. Every day on the way to work I see a group of them get off somewhere in Queens. I’m not sure where they’re going but wherever it is I bet it’s not air conditioned (and it’s definitely not easy labor). You’ve got to be made of something special to be a contractor and in honor of those brave men and women who are braving the heat in order to build something greater than themselves we’ve decided to put together a list of some of the trials and tribulations that contractors know only too well.

The demon roof.
demon roof

If you specialize in roofing you have probably experienced one of these. You get a call from a homeowner who asks you if you can repair their roof. Of course you can. But, when you get there things are a little worse than you previously anticipated (although maybe not as bad as the one above). We know dealing with a roof like this can take a superhuman amount of patience and no shortage of resolve which can result in quite a bit of stress. With general liability insurance we can take some of that stress off your back because if an accident does happen at least you’ll have the assurance that you’re covered.

The No Pain, No Gain Rule
Roofing Problems
11 Reasons Why General Contractors are Superhuman

Whether you’re putting up a roof, flooring, installing drywall or pipes being a contractor can be a painful experience. The job has to get done though and contractors will work through any situation (rain, hail, sleet or snow) to see it through. Just be sure that your workers compensation insurance is up to date because you don’t want a slight injury to keep your employee off the job for an extended period of time (or have it turn into a lawsuit). Workers comp insurance will ensure that you’re employee is back on their feet in no time which can save you a lot of money.

The Compulsive Micro-Manager
The Compulsive Micro-Manager

If you’ve been working in the industry for long enough you’ve probably had a customer who was a little more, errr… involved your typical customers. That involves looking over your shoulder at every turn, criticizing your ever move and generally driving you insane. Unfortunately, there is no insurance package for that. And for that we apologize and we commend you on your patience and mental fortitude.

Again, we’d like to thank all of the general contractors out there braving the heat this summer. We appreciate it, stay cool!