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Contractors Insurance Pennsylvania

Contractors Insurance Pennsylvania

Contractors Insurance Pennsylvania

Are you a Pennsylvania contractor or business owner who is looking for adequate contractors insurance coverage? In today’s day and age, you can never be too careful when it comes to your business and your livelihood. Not only is it recommended that you acquire Pennsylvania contractors insurance, but is required for all businesses.

Partnering with means partnering with a Pennsylvania contractors’ insurance broker who has your best interest in mind. Low costs and excellent service are the top priorities for this legitimate Pennsylvania contractor’s insurance broker, and for more than 25 years we have tended to the needs of all types of businesses of all different sizes, including general contractors, builders, developers, artisans, sub-contractors, and more.

The purpose of Pennsylvania contractors insurance is to protect contractors, developers, and builders, as well as the employees and agents, against lawsuits and claims, liabilities, expenses, and other associated costs. Pennsylvania contractors insurance should be thoroughly researched and selected by the contractor, builder, or developer prior to the onset of any type of construction project. The contractor and affiliated parties will be adequately protected with the right type of insurance.

What Does Contractors Insurance Pennsylvania Include?

There are many types of contractors insurance, some of which include:

General liability insurance provides invaluable asset protection for companies against all types of financial loss. This type of Pennsylvania contractors insurance protects all types of businesses in the event that they are sued by a claimant for property damage, completed operations or products liability, advertising injury, personal injury or other reasons. This type of liability insurance can either be purchased by itself, or it can be combined on a package policy that usually includes two or more other types of coverage.

As far as payouts, the maximum limits that an insurer will pay per claim with general liability insurance is $1 million for each occurrence and/or personal or advertising inquiry, and up to $2 million for general aggregate and products liability. While this is an adequate limit for most business types, larger businesses may seek what is known as excess insurance, or an umbrella insurance policy.

Contractors Insurance Pennsylvania: Workers Comp

Worker’s compensation insurance is another type of Pennsylvania contractors insurance that provides coverage for statutory benefits to employees who are injured on the job-site. All employers have an important and legal responsibility to their employees to ensure the workplace a safe one.

This type of insurance protects employers from any and all lawsuits resulting from workplace or work-related accidents or illnesses. It also provides medical care and compensation for lost income to the employee or employees who may be hurt in workplace or work-related accidents. This type of insurance provides payments to injured workers no matter who was at fault in the accident or illness. The payment is issued for time lost from work, as well as for medical and rehabilitation services. This type of contractors insurance also provides death benefits to surviving spouses and dependents.

Workers compensation insurance is typically recommended as a separate policy. There are several types of Pennsylvania contractors insurance that are sold as package policies, but these typically do not include coverage for employees’ injuries.

Disability insurance is another important type of Pennsylvania contractors insurance that protects an individual’s future earnings. Disability insurance replaces a person’s income and provides benefits in the event that person becomes physically unable to work. Any person who relies solely on their job to cover such bills as the mortgage, rent, and food should seriously consider disability insurance.

The prices of Pennsylvania contractors insurance vary from carrier to carrier. The cost will depend on a variety of factors, including the level of insurance required, the annual turnover of the contractor’s company, the number of employees in the company, the history of workplace accidents or illnesses in the company, the location, and more.

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