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How Construction Technology is Revolutionizing the Industry

The construction industry has made tremendous strides since the days of steam-powered machinery. Innovations in construction technology over the years has helped us build everything from skyscrapers to tiny smart homes. But, this may be only the beginning. From 3D printing to drones, find out how new technology may influence the way you do your job. Read more

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The History of the Old and New Kosciuszko Bridges

If you have ever traveled the BQE between Brooklyn and Queens, you have passed over the Kosciuszko Bridge. This truss, which is known for frequent traffic jams, is embarking on a new era. In April, the first side of the new structure opened to motorists. In the coming years, the bridge is expected to reduce traffic by as much as 65 percent during rush hour. Read more

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3 Ways to Retain Valuable Employees in Construction Jobs

So far this year, the construction industry has added an average of 20,000 jobs each month. This trend is cause for celebration, but the downside for employers is that experienced workers have become a scarcer commodity. In today’s more competitive hiring environment, your company must consider what steps it is currently taking to retain top talent in construction jobs. Read more

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How Women in Construction Are Revolutionizing the Industry

In 1984, 97 percent of American construction workers were men according to the National Women’s Law Center, a renowned women’s rights advocacy group. Perhaps more surprising than that, by 2014, the proportion of women in construction had grown little. Change sometimes comes slowly.

Over the decades, contractors have generally focused on recruiting men, and apprenticeships for women have been scarce. But the industry seems poised for a transformation. Indeed, if you own a contracting company, there’s never been a better time to hire women. Read more