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Why a Lapse in Insurance Coverage is Cause for Concern

Contractors of all types and sizes manage their business in the face of significant risk. On a daily basis, there is the potential for the unexpected. Although few contractors forget to follow on-the job safety procedures, some make a bigger mistake of allowing a lapse in insurance coverage, which could lead to large out-of-pocket payouts or even bankruptcy. Read more

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How to Power through Workplace Distractions

With heavy, dangerous machinery at every turn, contractors can’t afford to lose their focus at a job site. It can be challenging to concentrate on tasks while standing near something as loud as a cement mixer. If workplace distractions are slowing you down, use these tips to become more productive. Read more

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Learn How to Organize Tools Easily and Efficiently

It’s a problem every contractor can relate to. They can’t seem to find the tool they need when they need it. Without a system, contractors who don’t know how to organize tools exert extra effort and lose precious time.

If your workspace is a disaster zone, these tips will help you clean up your act. Read more